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Some people might call us boring, if following a robust investment approach by investing in companies that are not glamorous today but will be in the future, then yes! we are proudly boring. We highly recommend you becoming a boring investor too.

Our top ranked stocks outperformed market indexes, because market is usually irrational, and we take advantage of Mr. Market mistakes when it offers good stocks at a cheap price.

In the last decade our average annual return is 16%. We achieve this high performance because the picked stocks are:

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See our last year recommendations as an example:

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We won’t be as our competition that lies investors by giving tricky examples like:

TBI vs S&P 500

“If you would’ve used our dashboard in July 2010, when we recommended Microsoft, and bought the stock, you’d be up 1,307% today.”

Because although it’s true that our ranking model recommended that stock at that moment in time given the data available, MSFT wasn’t the only ticker in the list (it was on the top 6) and we would never recommend our user to select a single stock because things might go wrong too, it´s important to diversify!

Magic solutions do not exist, invest following an intelligent and data-driven approach. Avoid easy money and fashion / glamorous recommendations. And never stop investing if you want to achieve great results.

My wealth has come from a combination of living in America, some lucky genes, and compound interest

-Warren Buffet

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